Best Craft Beer Fridges For Beer In 2023

Best Craft Beer Fridge: If you’re a beer lover, you probably love trying new beers and experimenting with different types of beer.

However, storing your beer can be a bit of a challenge. Many beer lovers choose to keep their beer in a standard refrigerator, but this may not always be the best option.

A craft beer fridge is specifically designed to store and serve craft beer, making it the perfect appliance for anyone who enjoys craft beer.

best craft beer fridge

If you are a craft beer enthusiast, then having a dedicated craft beer fridge is essential to ensure your beer stays fresh and cool.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the best craft beer fridges on the market and let you know what makes them so great.

Best Craft Beer Fridge

If you are a fan of the craft beer scene, you might be wondering where to store your beer. Well, if you’re a beer enthusiast, you will probably want to have a dedicated fridge to keep your beer fresh. Here are the best craft beer fridges in the market today.

EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Brew Kegerator

The EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Brew Kegerator has a capacity of 2.5 gallons and is capable of fitting one sixth barrel keg or one Cornelius keg. It is capable of holding up to 12 standard bottles of beer. This kegerator has an internal blue LED lighting system.

mini drink fridge

The kegerator comes with a digital temperature display, a CO2 regulator, a stainless steel coupler, and a gas line. We love the EdgeStar KC1000SS, the beer kegerator with built-in refrigeration that’s both a kegerator and a mini fridge. It has plenty of capacity, with room for a dozen 12-oz cans, plus some non-alcoholic beverages and a quart of milk, and it keeps the beer at the proper temperature.

The digital control is intuitive and easy to use, and the vacuum-insulated interior keeps the interior fairly cool. While this is a nice, compact kegerator, it’s not lightweight; the body of the kegerator weighs 40 pounds, not counting the CO2 tank, and the refrigerator section weighs another 30 pounds.

So it’s not an appliance you’ll move very often. The fan is also loud, so we’d keep it away from a room where you spend a lot of time. Still, it’s an attractive appliance like best outdoor beverage fridge, and it’s well-built, so we expect it will last a long time, even with frequent use.

  • Full digital control interface

  • Temperature control

  • Crisp, clean dispensing

  • Auto purge system

  • Easy cleanup

  • Heavy


NewAir Limited Edition Beverage Refrigerator

Sometimes you just want a cool, refreshing drink instead of a beer. The NewAir Limited Edition Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler give you the best of both worlds. It is perfect for storing lunch at the office, leftovers in your dorm room, or a cold drink anywhere in your home.

beer refrigerator for home

It features a unique beer-themed design that is screen printed on the exterior, and it is perfect for storing a variety of beverages, including soda, beer, and wine. The refrigerator section holds a 13.9-liter capacity, and the cooler section holds 5.9 liters.

Both sections feature removable shelves so you can rearrange them to fit whatever type of storage you need. The premium stainless steel frame and glass door look great and the removable door shelves make it easy to quickly access stored items. The reversible doors keep beverages at the perfect temperature and the included remote lets you control both sections.

This model also comes with a one-year warranty. The refrigerator section is too small for beer, and the cooler section isn’t tall enough for tall cans. Still, we found this beverage refrigerator and cooler — with its removable shelves, 7 custom temperature settings, and removable doors — to be surprisingly versatile and flexible.

  • Glassdoor provides a stylish design

  • Spacious interior with 126-can capacity

  • 7 temperature settings

  • Large and heavy

  • Not ideal for portable use


Kalamera Beverage Refrigerator

The Kalamera Beverage Refrigerator is designed to keep your drinks cold. It holds up to 104 cans and allows you to adjust the interior temperature. It features a powerful cooling system that allows the interior temperature to drop quickly, which is ideal for keeping your drinks cold.

full size beverage refrigerator

It features a stainless steel door that insulates the cold air, which prevents heat from escaping. It features a stainless steel door that insulates the cold air, which prevents heat from escaping. It is designed to be either freestanding or installed under your counter. It comes with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

With 104 cans, this mini-fridge provides enough room to chill multiple batches of beers. At 32-41F, it keeps drinks light-frozen. The mini fridge also has a solid, sturdy construction, a dimmable light, and a sturdy handle. The downside is that it’s difficult to install, and it requires a 110V AC power outlet.

This closet fridge is perfect for your mini fridge needs. It can fit 104 cans of your favorite drinks, including 30-pint bottles, 18 12 oz cans, and 12 12 oz cans while keeping them cold. The Kalamera refrigerator looks sleek in black with a stainless steel door. It is the most stylish mini fridge on the market.

  • Floor-standing design

  • Single, bottom-hinged door

  • Removable dual-compartment shelving

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • Not ideal for tall bottles

  • Not energy efficient


FAQs Answered about Best Craft Beer Fridge

Here, we have answered the five most frequently asked questions about the best craft beer fridge.

What temperature should I set my craft beer fridge at?

The answer is that the best temperature for storing craft beer is between 36-45F. Your fridge should be set at a steady temperature, so make sure to adjust the settings accordingly.

What type of craft beer fridge should I get?

The answer is that you should get a fridge that is specifically designed for craft beers. Such fridges have adjustable shelves, LED lighting, and temperature control systems that allow you to adjust the temperature and humidity levels to create the ideal environment for your craft beer.

What features should I look for in a craft beer fridge?

The answer is that you should look for a fridge with adjustable shelves, LED lighting, temperature control, and adjustable humidity levels. Additionally, you should make sure the fridge has a large enough capacity to store all your craft beers.

How much will a craft beer fridge cost?

The answer is that the price of a craft beer fridge depends on the size, features, and brand. Generally, you can expect to pay between $150 and $500 for a craft beer fridge.

Where can I buy the best craft beer fridge?

The answer is that you can purchase craft beer fridges from a variety of retailers, both online and offline. Additionally, some breweries or beverage stores may also sell the best craft beer fridges.


In conclusion, a craft beer fridge is a great addition for any craft beer enthusiast. With the right features and temperature settings, you can ensure that your craft beer will stay fresh and cool. Be sure to research the best craft beer fridge for your needs and budget before making your purchase. Hope this review guide was helpful. Visit our website for more information. Thank you!