What Is An EPA Beer – Everything You Need to Know

What is an EPA beer? This is a question that many people are asking these days. The answer, however, is not quite as straightforward as you might think. In this blog post, we will explore what EPA beers are and what sets them apart from other types of beer.

what is an epa beer

We will also discuss the history of EPA beers and how they have become so popular in recent years. Stay tuned for more information!

What Is An EPA Beer?

EPA beers are a type of craft beer that is made in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations. These regulations are designed to protect the environment and ensure that all brewers produce beer in an environmentally responsible way.

epa beer

The History Of EPA Beers

EPA beers have been around for quite some time, but they have only recently become popular among consumers. The first EPA beer was brewed in 1972 by John Carter and Charles Bamforth at what would later become Anchor Steam Brewery (now owned by MillerCoors).

The popularity of EPA beers grew throughout the 1980s with many craft breweries starting up around this time period as well. By 1990 there were over 600 breweries in America making EPA beer.

The popularity of EPA beers continued to grow throughout the 1990s until it reached its peak in 2000 when there were nearly 800 breweries producing them! In 2010, there are approximately 700 breweries across America that still produce these types of environmental protection ales today. The EPA has also approved over 100 new recipes since 1972 which means there are even more options available if you want to try something different from what’s already been made before!

What Makes EPA Beers Different Than Other Types Of Beer?

EPA beers are produced in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations, which means they’re also known as “Green Brewery” when it comes down to it. All brewers that make EPA beer must adhere to certain regulations which help protect the environment while brewing.

Brewers are also encouraged to use environmentally friendly packaging and ingredients as much as possible when making EPA beers. For example, a lot of breweries will use recycled or sustainable materials for their bottles, cans, and labels. They may also choose to use organic ingredients in their beer if possible, but this is not always the case.

Why Should You Try EPA Beers?

Here are a few reasons why you should try an EPA beer next time you’re out drinking with friends at your local pub or bar:

They Are Environmentally Friendly

The most important thing about EPA beers is that they are environmentally friendly. If you care about the environment, then this is definitely something you need to try.

They Are Unique

EPA beers are produced in accordance with regulations set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), so there’s nothing else like them on the market today.

They Have A Cleaner Taste

EPA beers are also often cleaner tasting than other types of beer, which means you can enjoy a nice cold one after a hard day’s work without worrying about the taste being too overwhelming.

They’re Eco-Friendly

As we have already mentioned, EPA beers are eco-friendly because they adhere to environmental regulations and make use of eco-friendly ingredients and packaging wherever possible.

They’re Easy To Find

If you live in the US then there’s a pretty good chance that you will be able to find an EPA beer near you (and even if you don’t it’s still worth asking your local pub or bar about them).

They Are Affordable

EPA beers are normally much cheaper to buy than other craft beers that don’t fall into this category. If you’re on a budget then this could be the perfect way to drink responsibly without going over your budget!

How Can I Find The Best EPA Beers?

You can find EPA beer near you by asking at your local pub or bar (if they don’t already sell them). If you cannot find an EPA beer in your area, then you can always buy some online. But be warned, there are a lot of fake EPA beers out there today (this has become a pretty big problem ever since microbreweries started popping up!) Make sure you do your research before buying anything that claims to be an EPA beer. Here are some things you can look for in order to make sure you’re not buying a fake version:

Look For Labels That Show “The Proof Is In The Pudding”

This is the official slogan of all authentic EPA beers, so if your bottle does not have this printed on it, then there’s a good chance it’s not an official EPA beer.

Look For The EPA Logo

All official EPA beers have to pass strict regulations in order to be considered “real”. If you see an EPA logo on your bottle, then you can be pretty sure it’s the real deal (you should also try looking online for information about the brewery just to double-check), see who makes hamms beer.

Look For Authentic Brewery Locations

Some EPA beers can only be bought from a particular location, so you’ll want to make sure the brewery is actually located there. If you have any questions about this then just ask!


I hope this article has explained why I think EPA beers are the best alternative to regular craft beers on the market today. If you can’t find an EPA beer near you, then just try searching online, but be careful because there are a lot of fake EPA beers out there today. Thank You For Reading!

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