What is Seltzer Beer? What is Seltzer Beer Made of?

What is Seltzer Beer

What is Seltzer beer? Seltzer beer, also known as hard seltzer or spiked seltzer, is a type of alcoholic beverage that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s made with carbonated water and fermented malt grains like barley and wheat, which give it an alcohol content similar to beer. Seltzer beer typically contains between … Read more

Does a Mini Fridge Waste a Lot of Electricity?

Does a Mini Fridge Waste a Lot of Electricity

Mini fridges are becoming increasingly popular as an affordable and convenient way to store food. But with their small size, comes a question: does a mini fridge waste a lot of electricity? The answer is not so simple. Mini fridges can use more energy than larger models depending on how they are used and the … Read more